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TheUnbecoming_Cover-JPGThe Unbecoming is a funny, poignant, inspirational memoir from Emmy Award winning artist Kitty Norton. A chronicle of a lifetime struggling with body image and fluctuating weight. Kitty found success while still in high school – as a session vocalist at Prince’s Paisley Park Studios. What looked to be a promising career in pop music was cut short by a debilitating car accident just after graduation. Bedridden for over a year, the former cheerleader and model had ballooned to 515 pounds – largely due to inactivity, depression and a series of failed medications. The next decade would see Kitty slowly putting the pieces of her life together in a surprising new field: children’s entertainment. Creating a popular kids TV show and brand, soon she was performing world tours and hanging out with celebrities like Nicole Kidman, Brad Paisley and the Wiggles. But something was missing: Kitty was still very overweight and a deal with a major TV network was ultimately destroyed because of this. At the height of her success, Ms. Norton took a year long sabbatical – and discovered a combination of physical, mental and spiritual techniques that ultimately led to her losing 345 pounds completely naturally, without surgery, pills or any “fad diets”. Now, in this stunningly inspiring and humorously raw memoir, Kitty spells out her entire journey and the steps she took to get her body, mind and soul back. She calls her process The Unbecoming and invites readers, while giving practical steps, to have a better body and life too!

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