A Universe Of Stories (2018)

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TITLE: A Universe Of Stories: Library Fun, Songs & Skits!

ARTIST: The Move ‘n’ Groove Kids (note: the cover art credits “Summer Reading Program Kids” as the artist)

RELEASE DATE: 2 November 2018

FORMATS: CD [double disc], Digital

J&K CREDITS: Producers, Writers


  1. This Book Is Your Book
  2. We Love To Read
  3. Open A Book (At The Library)
  4. We Love Reading Time
  5. B-O-O-K-S
  6. Summer Time, Reading Time
  7. Froggie Went Hopping On A Summer Day
  8. DJ Dewey Decimal
  9. Summer Reading Time Is Fun
  10. At Your Library!
  11. Bookworm Tango
  12. It Starts With A Book In Hollywood
  13. Storytime
  14. Reading Hula
  15. The Special Guest
  16. The Sweetest Tone (featuring Dr. Jean Feldman)
  17. Library Dance (In Paris, France)
  18. Fiesta Biblioteca
  19. Reading At My Library
  20. Tooty Ta (Library Dance Mix)
  21. Fun With Our Librarian
  22. Let Your Colors Show
  23. Painting A Picture Today
  24. The Dinosaur March
  25. The Librarian Who Loved Adventure!
  26. One World (A Universe Of Stories)
  27. Having A Dance Party (At The Library)
  28. Bing Bong Sing Song
  29. Let’s Make Music Together At The Library!
  30. Magical Musical Washboard
  31. Get The Beat And Read A Book!
  32. Fish Learn To Read (In Their Schools)
  33. Shalom
  34. Six Little Ducks
  35. Food Rainbow
  36. Uncle Noah’s Ark
  37. It’s A Shape
  38. Minnie The Mermaid
  39. Old MacDonald Had A Band
  40. I Wish I Had A Time Machine
  41. Have You Ever Seen A Dinosaur Doing The Polka?
  42. Thankful For The Animals
  43. Polly Wolly Doodle
  44. Let’s Go Riding In The Car (To The Library)
  45. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah
  46. Reading Brings Big Dreams
  47. I’ve Been Working On The Railroad
  48. Reading Hoedown
  49. La Chanson De Bonjour
  50. A Universe Of Stories (Instrumental)