Audience Requests (2006)



TITLE: Audience Requests And Fan Favorites

ARTIST: Jack Norton


FORMATS: Unreleased

CREDITS & NOTES: Unreleased album by singer-songwriter Jack Norton. Produced and Written by Jack and Kitty. Jack Norton: vocals, guitar. Recorded on in late March or early April 2006. Jack wanted to do a “live” album in a studio and add an “audience” in with after effects. This was a popular recording concept for comedy albums of the 1940s and 1950s. Upon finishing the project, Jack and Kitty decided that modern audiences would find the result to be horrible – so they never released the album.


  1. Audience Requests And Fan Favorites
  2. Folsom Prison Blues / On The Road Again / Act Naturally
  3. I Walk The Line
  4. Jambalaya
  5. Wabash Cannonball
  6. Get On The Train
  7. Everything Is Hotsy Totsy Now
  8. Blue Hawaii / Hano Hano Hawaii
  9. Ring Of Fire
  10. Home
  11. One Steady Roll
  12. That Home Far Away / I’ll Fly Away
  13. The Howlin’ Tom Cat
  14. Tennessee Waltz
  15. Polly Wolly Doodle
  16. The Yankee Doodle Boy