By Others

NoPictureTITLE: Close Reveal – An Homage To Hilary Harris

YEAR: 2018

ROLES: Jack served as Editor. He is uncredited as Cinematographer.

INFO: A short dance film (directed by Becky Heist), based on “9 Variations On A Dance Theme” – an early experimental dance film directed by Hilary Harris in 1962.


SmallSelfTITLE: Small Self

YEAR: 2017

ROLES: Jack served as Producer, Kitty as Associate Producer and Script Supervisor. Released in association with Jack and Kitty’s production company Brizo Media Group.

INFO: A comedy/drama (directed by Peter Groynom) about a recently divorced, cisgendered man who learns that he’s pregnant. Over the course of a single evening, he struggles to both tell his friends and reconnect with his ex wife.

Winner of several NYC Indie Film Awards and an LA Shorts Awards.


YouShouldBeFamousTITLE: You Should Be Famous

YEAR: 2015

ROLES: Jack served as Editor. He is also credited as Producer (a role which he has denied in interviews).

INFO: A short documentary film (directed by Jeromy Darling). In our obsession with celebrities, we are forgetting our heroes. Follows the life of a wounded American US military veteran.


NoPictureTITLE: Janet’s Planet

YEAR: 2013 (Season 3)

ROLES: Jack and Kitty served as Writers, Composers and Performers for the Emmy Award winning episode, “Do You Know How Food Gets On Your Plate?”.

INFO: This series was directed by Janet Ivey and is a PBS Kids television series which was filmed in Nashville, Tennessee.