Fitzgerald Theater Ukulele Gala – Live (2019)



TITLE: Fitzgerald Theater Ukulele Gala – Live

ARTIST: Jack Norton

RELEASE DATE: 20 February 2019

FORMATS: Digital

CREDITS & NOTES: Official release of a live bootleg album by singer-songwriter Jack Norton. Produced by Jack and Kitty. Recorded on 5.6.05 at the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul, MN. Broadcast on Minnesota Public Radio’s The Current 89.3 FM. Jack Norton: vocals, guitar, ukulele. Jed Germond: banjo, violin, duck call. Liz Draper: string bass. Hosted by Jim Ed Poole and Dale Connelly (of “The Morning Show”). “Five Foot Two” is a jam which includes author Jim Beloff (and wife Liz Beloff), Kari Larson, an unknown organist and about 100 members of the audience playing ukulele.


  1. Introduction To The Show
  2. 1925 Charleston
  3. Introduction To The Band
  4. My In-Laws Made An Outlaw Out Of Me
  5. Trouble In Mullet River
  6. One Steady Roll
  7. Introduction To The Next Song
  8. Everybody Loves My Baby
  9. Jack Lost The Mullet River Boys
  10. Crazy Words, Crazy Tune
  11. O Dem Golden Slippers
  12. Jack Talks Tiny Tim
  13. My Dreams Are Getting Better All The Time
  14. Thankful Jack
  15. Rag, Mama, Rag
  16. Five Foot Two