Junkyard Jazz (2004)


TITLE: Junkyard Jazz

ARTIST: Jack Norton


FORMATS: Unreleased

CREDITS & NOTES: Unreleased compilation album by singer-songwriter Jack Norton. Produced and Written by Jack and Kitty. This was intended as a “best of” compilation project highlighting works from Jack’s many recordings. It was completed, but not released, due to lack of funds for manufacturing physical CDs.


  1. Rock And Roll Music And Why I Preach Against It
  2. Red Devil Lye
  3. I Loved You Long Ago
  4. Minnesota Polka
  5. I’m Spending Christmas Alone
  6. Red Wing
  7. Minnie The Mermaid
  8. Home
  9. Saint Charles
  10. Women Make A Fool Out Of Me
  11. Sorrow Is A Pitchfork
  12. Big Time Woman From Way Out West
  13. Three Questions
  14. Bill Brown
  15. Miss. Brown
  16. Get On The Train
  17. Old Man Sunshine (Little Boy Bluebird)
  18. Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight
  19. Among The Blades Of Snow
  20. Our Little Town