Live At Sisters Coffee (2004)


This bootleg album was finally released in 2018 and is now available on Bandcamp

TITLE: Live At Sisters Coffee

ARTIST: Jack Norton

RELEASE DATE: 19 June 2004


CREDITS & NOTES: Bootleg album of a live concert by singer-songwriter Jack Norton. Produced and Written by Jack and Kitty. Jack Norton: vocals, 12 string guitar. Recorded at Sisters Gourmet Coffee (Winthrop, MN) on June 19, 2004.


  1. The Inconceivable Jack Norton
  2. Pearly Gates
  3. Medley: 12 Gates / Jesus On The Mainline
  4. Diddie Wa Diddie
  5. Jack Borrows A 12 String Guitar
  6. One Dime Blues
  7. Polly Wolly Doodle
  8. The Old Country Church
  9. World’s Largest Washboard
  10. Peach Pickin’ Time In Georgia
  11. Rag, Mama, Rag