Maintenance Shop – Live (2019)



TITLE: Maintenance Shop – Live

ARTIST: Jack Norton

RELEASE DATE: 1 March 2019

FORMATS: Digital

CREDITS & NOTES: Official release of a bootleg album of a live concert by singer-songwriter Jack Norton. Produced by Jack and Kitty. Recorded by KUNI (Iowa Public Radio) at The Maintenance Shop in Ames, IA on 11/13/99. Jack was opening for Dave Van Ronk. Jack Norton: vocals, guitar, ukulele, jug, jazzhorn, washboard. Ben Weaver: vocals, guitar.


  1. Jerry The Junker
  2. Jug Band Music
  3. A Letter From My Gal
  4. My Good Gal’s Gone Blues
  5. Hawaiian Typewriter
  6. Everybody Does It In Hawaii
  7. Not Feeling Well Lately
  8. No Matter How She Does It
  9. The Pig And The Apple Tree
  10. Fireflies Makin’ Whoopee
  11. Burn The Barn Down
  12. Bill Brown
  13. Selling Urine In Virginia
  14. He’s In The Jailhouse Now
  15. Good Time Charlie
  16. The Bull That Mounted A Cow
  17. The Reefer Song
  18. No Repeat Performances
  19. Nobody Knows But Me
  20. Chucky Gets Lucky
  21. Minnie The Mermaid
  22. Records For Sale Tonight
  23. Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives To Me