More Works By Jack

For a history of Jack’s published books, click here.

As expands, we will be updating his contributions to literature by adding listings of published poetry, anthology appearances, essays and contributions to magazines and newspapers on this page. Also any projects which were announced (but later abandoned) and/or unfinished works will be listed as that information is available. Stay tuned!


“Curly Mullet: The Banjo Pickin’ Fish With A Very, Very Big Heart”. Children’s book. Completed, but unpublished. In 2005 a publisher was announced – but the small press went out of business before Jack’s book was released.


“Butchers On The Moon, Vol. 2”. A follow up to the first BOTM Chapbook. Completed, but unpublished.

“Tapestry Magazine”. Numerous articles under the serialized banner “Mullet River Musings”. May 2003 through September 2004.


“Emmett Miller, Forgotten Legend”. The Mississippi Rag, Volume 30, Number 1. November 2002.