One World, Many Stories (2011)


TITLE: One World, Many Stories!

ARTIST: The Zinghoppers and Friends

RELEASE DATE: 30 August 2011

FORMATS: Digital, CD

CREDITS & NOTES: Produced, Written and Performed by Jack and Kitty.


  1. The Hello Song (International Mix) [featuring Charla Corn]
  2. The World Wide Web Of Friendship, Part 1 [featuring Jordyn Shellhart]
  3. An Email From Haiti
  4. The Flying Turtle [featuring Lorie Line]
  5. An Email From Isreael
  6. Look On The Bright Side [featuring Candice Huckeba]
  7. An Email From Jamaica
  8. Donkey Races Frog [featuring Janet Ivey]
  9. An Email From Afghanistan
  10. The Sweetest Tone [featuring Dr. Jean]
  11. An Email From India
  12. Going Bananas [featuring Michelle Schreiber]
  13. An Email From Mexico
  14. The Mixed Up Feet [featuring Dennis Scott]
  15. An Email From Australia
  16. Little Possum, Pretty Possum [featuring Jaime Riley]
  17. An Email From Japan
  18. The Silly Frogs [featuring Renee Hill]
  19. An Email From The United States
  20. The Arrow And The Song [featuring Christopher “ZondaFlex” Tyler]
  21. An Email From Africa
  22. The Tortoise And The Drum [featuring Melanie Martel & Rikki Rockett of Poison]
  23. The World Wide Web Of Friendship, Part 2
  24. We’re All A Rainbow
  25. The Goodbye Song (International Mix)