Pensacola Radio 2007 – Live (2019)



TITLE: Pensacola Radio 2007 – Live

ARTIST: Jack Norton

RELEASE DATE: 24 January 2019

FORMATS: Digital

CREDITS & NOTES: Official release of a bootleg album of a live concert by singer-songwriter Jack Norton. Produced and Written by Jack and Kitty. Jack Norton: vocals, guitar, ukulele. “Goodnight, Irene” is a jam with Ed Gerhard and Chris Proctor. Recorded live at a concert held on 2.1.07 at the Museum of Commerce (Pensacola, FL) and broadcast live on Florida Public Radio (WUWF).


  1. Introduction To Jack Norton
  2. Everybody Loves My Baby
  3. The Last Peppy Song I Can Play
  4. Waiting At The End Of The Line
  5. I’m Really Big In Iowa
  6. Zip A Dee Doo Dah
  7. Welcome Back Jack
  8. Jack Takes Some Requests
  9. Yes, Sir! That’s My Baby!
  10. Jack Takes More Requests
  11. I’m My Own Grandpa
  12. Jack Stops Taking Requests
  13. Get On The Train
  14. Thankful Jack
  15. 1925 Charleston
  16. Everybody Loves Jack
  17. Goodnight, Irene