Pensacola Radio 2008 – Live (2008)

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TITLE: Pensacola Radio 2008 – Live

ARTIST: Jack Norton



CREDITS & NOTES: Bootleg album of a live concert by singer-songwriter Jack Norton. Produced and Written by Jack and Kitty. Jack Norton: vocals, guitar, ukulele. “Goodnight, Irene” is a jam with Montana Skies and Dana Cooper. Recorded live at a concert held on 4.3.08 at the Museum of Commerce (Pensacola, FL) and broadcast live on Florida Public Radio (WUWF).


  1. An Introduction To Jack Norton
  2. Dear Hearts And Gentle People
  3. Jack’s Family Tree
  4. I’m My Own Grandpa
  5. It Doesn’t Get Much Better Than That
  6. Some Of These Days
  7. Jack Introduces “Hot Dog I Love WUWF”
  8. Hot Dog I Love WUWF
  9. Jack’s Hobo Friend
  10. Get On The Train
  11. Jack’s Problems With Kids
  12. 1925 Charleston
  13. Grateful Jack
  14. Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone
  15. The Big Finale Number
  16. Goodnight, Irene