Sing Your Way Through The Day (2009)


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TITLE: Sing Your Way Through The Day

ARTIST: The Zinghoppers

RELEASE DATE: 14 October 2009

FORMATS: Digital, CD

CREDITS & NOTES: Produced, Written and Performed by Jack and Kitty.


  1. Sing Your Way Through The Day
  2. Can You Help Sing All Day?
  3. The Good Morning Song
  4. Getting Dressed To Feel Your Best
  5. Brush Your Teeth
  6. Let’s Go Riding In The Car
  7. Your Friends At School
  8. I’ve Got A Family That Loves Me (Before School Version)
  9. The Hello Song (Nashville Mix)
  10. Show And Tell
  11. The Days Of The Week
  12. The Science Center
  13. What Will The Weather Be?
  14. The Music And Movement Center
  15. Silly Silly Walk
  16. The Dramatic Play Center
  17. Ready For A Guest
  18. The Computer Center
  19. The Lineup Game
  20. Walking Feet Are Quiet Feet
  21. It’s Time To Play Outside
  22. Soap And Water (Do You Like To Wash Your Hands?)
  23. Lunchtime Transition
  24. Hello Happy Yum Yum Food!
  25. The Literacy Center
  26. Storytime
  27. The Math Center
  28. Everybody Poops
  29. I’m Getting My Diaper Changed
  30. Get On The Sleepy Train
  31. The Arts Center
  32. Painting A Picture Today
  33. The Block Center
  34. Can You Help Clean Up, Please?
  35. The Goodbye Song (Nashville Mix)
  36. I’ve Got A Family That Loves Me (After School Version)