Songs Of Ejackulation (2001)



TITLE: Songs Of Ejackulation

ARTIST: Jack Norton

RELEASE DATE: 17 September 2001


CREDITS & NOTES: Album by singer-songwriter Jack Norton. Produced by Jack and Kitty. Recorded at home in 2001. Jack Norton: vocals, all instruments.

Originally released as “Songs Of Ejackulation” on 9/17/01. Not included in this re-issue is a phone call from Tom Waits (originally released as “Tom Waits Calls”) and a track called “Nightmare On 3rd Street”. “Lucky” was called “Britney Spears and Lucky”. Both “Nightmare” and “Lucky” contained unauthorized samples in the 2001 release. They have been cut and/or edited for this release to not include these samples.


  1. Dehlia
  2. A Slow Dirge
  3. Lost
  4. Moon People
  5. It’s Beautiful When You’re Dead
  6. Beside An Open Fireplace
  7. Tattooed On My Arm
  8. Lord, You’re My Father Tonight
  9. Leroy’s Blues
  10. Dance And A Song
  11. Lucky
  12. Tennessee Waltz
  13. Horsehair And Hay
  14. Rollin’ Low
  15. The Year 2000
  16. That Cat Is High
  17. The Bamboo Room
  18. Everyone Smile
  19. The Prophet Without Honor
  20. Sing It!
  21. This Ole House
  22. Another Story, Another Time, Another Place
  23. The Untitled Blues
  24. What To Do?
  25. Misery
  26. Jack Shaved His Head
  27. Indians On The Moon
  28. Jandek Calls
  29. Lover’s Lane
  30. Hello, Me!
  31. Miss. Brown
  32. Hubert Selby Jr. Calls
  33. Down Upon Blue Avenue