The Instrumentals, Volume 1 (2019)



TITLE: The Instrumentals, Volume 1

ARTIST: The Zinghoppers

RELEASE DATE: 31 May 2019

FORMATS: Digital Album

CREDITS & NOTES: A digital album by The Zinghoppers. Produced, performed, written by Jack and Kitty. All songs on this album appeared in Seasons 1 and 2 of the Zinghoppers TV series.


1. Zinghoppers Dance [Instrumental]
2. Chicken Go Banana [Instrumental]
3. Food Rainbow [Instrumental]
4. One World [Instrumental]
5. Dinosaur [Instrumental]
6. Here 2 Party! [Instrumental]
7. Haircut Party [Instrumental]
8. Superhero (Fly To The Stars) [Instrumental]
9. L-O-V-E [Instrumental]
10. Hop-A-Roo [Instrumental]
11. In The Garden [Instrumental]
12. Dancing Like Olo The Donkey [Instrumental]
13. Thumbs Up [Instrumental]
14. Can You Dance? (The Freeze Game) [Instrumental]
15. Dance Like A Monkey [Instrumental]
16. Down At The Zoo [Instrumental]
17. Stomp Your Feet [Instrumental]
18. Playing Dress Up [Instrumental]
19. Five Teddy Bears [Instrumental]
20. Possum Twist [Instrumental]
21. The Zinghoppy Shake [Instrumental]
22. Ballerina Princess [Instrumental]
23. Tooty Ta [Instrumental]
24. The Hello Song [Instrumental]