The Minnesota Polka (2004)

Demo Session_ 2004

These jingles were re-released in 2018 and is now available on Bandcamp

TITLE: The Minnesota Polka

ARTIST: Jack Norton


FORMATS: Radio/TV jingles

CREDITS & NOTES: Official release of a series of commercial jingles performed by singer-songwriter Jack Norton. Produced and Written by Jack and Kitty. Jack Norton: vocals, guitar, harmonica. Jed Germond: tenor banjo. Paul Liebenow: string bass. Patrick Harrison: accordion. Dave Michael: percussion. The artist was credited as “Jack Norton And The Minnesota Log Jammers”. Recorded for the State of Minnesota’s Department of Transportation. Released in various formats in 2004.


  1. The Minnesota Polka (Version 1)
  2. The Minnesota Polka (Version 2)
  3. The Minnesota Polka (Version 3)
  4. The Minnesota Polka (Version 4)
  5. The Minnesota Polka (Version 5)
  6. The Minnesota Polka (Version 6)