Untitled Children’s Album (2006 – 2008)

Demo Session_ 2004

TITLE: Untitled Children’s Album

ARTIST: Jack Norton

RELEASE DATE: 2006 – 2008

FORMATS: Unreleased

CREDITS & NOTES: Starting in 2006 and working for the next three years, Jack attempted a children’s album. Dozens of songs were recorded at studios across the United States, none of the recordings were ever released and eventually the project was abandoned. Below is a list of the known songs which were recorded (listed by year).

2006 SONGS:

  1. Cockadoodle Doo
  2. Curly Saw A Dinosaur
  3. Everybody Loves A Baby
  4. Feelings Polka
  5. Hey Pa (It’s Raining Cats And Dogs)
  6. Hiram The Happy Hobo
  7. I Can Write My Name
  8. Making Friends In Mullet River
  9. Mullet River Barn Dance Party
  10. Mullet River’s Friendly Band
  11. Playing Possum With Penelope
  12. Polly Wolly Doodle
  13. Rain Or Shine
  14. Riding Trains
  15. Thankful For The Animals

2007 SONGS:

  1. Choo Choo Choo
  2. Co-Co-Coconuts
  3. De Colores
  4. Do Bees Have Knees?
  5. Fireflies In The Sky
  6. Food Rainbow
  7. Hokey Pokey
  8. Hop On The Happy Train
  9. Open A Book
  10. ‘Playing Dress Up

2008 SONGS:

  1. She’ll Be Coming ‘Round The Mountain
  2. I Can Write My Name
  3. The Drip Drop Song
  4. Zinghop-A-Hula