Wizard Oil (1999)



TITLE: Wizard Oil

ARTIST: Jack Norton (as “Paul Dandy”)

RELEASE DATE: 4 June 1999


CREDITS: Produced and written by Jack and Kitty. Paul Dandy: vocal, guitar, ukulele, washboard, comb, jug. John Gill: soprano sax, trombone, tenor banjo, drums, coconuts. Vince Giordano: tenor banjo, piano, string bass, bass sax, tuba, goofus, bones. Ralph Norton: cornet, bass sax. Jim Price: violin. Joe Savage: lap steel. Dan Lichty: castanets, harmony vocals. Track 14 – Kim Brown and the Capitol City District Choir, soloists: Kitty Norton, Kim Brown, Regina Davis, Gerrad Reeves. Rev. Henry Brown: message. Herb Johnson: piano. Rik Sterling: Hammond C-3 organ. Recorded by Dan Lichty at Hennepin Studios (Minneapolis, MN). Mixed at Logic Studios (Golden Valley, MN). Arrangements by Jack Norton. Musical Direction by Vince Giordano. Horn Arrangements by  John Gill.

NOTES: Jack used the “Paul Dandy” pseudonym for about a year, and this was later re-issued under the name “Jack Norton”.


  1. Mr. Norton’s Vaudeville
  2. 1925 Charleston
  3. Jerry The Junker
  4. The Ghost Of The St. Louis Blues
  5. Brother Bill
  6. In A Little Hula Heaven
  7. Lazy Moon
  8. Minnie The Mermaid
  9. He’s In The Jailhouse Now
  10. The Gypsy
  11. Crazy Words, Crazy Tune
  12. I Ain’t Got Nobody
  13. Old Man Sunshine (Little Boy Bluebird)
  14. Take My Hand, Precious Lord


Artwork for the 1999 edition…

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